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M&M Poultry Trolley Wheel Washer



Sludge, gunk, grime and grit. There are several ways to describe it, but despite all technical terms, this foreign material can cause big problems when left to accumulate on your wheel bearing areas. Over time this substance builds up and increases friction in the bearing area, causing large flat spots on the wheels and forming a lapping compound that wears on the bearing race. This not only significantly shortens the life of your wheels but also increases the electrical load on drives as more amps are needed to drive the chain.

To eliminate this dirt, the M&M Poultry Trolley Wheel Washer uses high velocity water pressure through laser cut openings that blasts out dust, metal grit, and any other material that might contaminate the wheel bearing areas and fall on the product running below. Available in two variations: High Pressure (650+ psi water pressure) and Low Pressure (300 to 500 psi), the unit is placed in the track line by cutting out a section and welding the washer track adapter in place. After an initial cleaning, the washer may only need to run as little as two hours per week during the sanitation cycle to make your wheels like new. Available for both Tee Rail and 3” I-Beam track, with two variations: High Pressure (650+ psi water pressure) and Low Pressure (300 to 500 psi).


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